Dartmouth Castle, Mayflower 400 celebrations

Dartmouth is situated on the bank of the River Dart in South Devon. This picturesque town boasts a wealth of history and heritage ready to be explored.

Begin with a visit to Dartmouth Museum to hear stories of the town's maritime history, head to Dartmouth Visitor Centre to view the oldest preserved steam engine in the world, invented by local Thomas Newcomen and explore one of the most beautifully located fortresses in England, Dartmouth Castle.

Troubled waters aboard the Speedwell

Having departed from Southampton, the Mayflower and Speedwell didn't get far before the Speedwell began to take on water again.

They arrived in Dartmouth on 23 August and, according to passengers, the Speedwell was leaking heavility and required urgent attention.

Dartmouth Museum

The Mayflower moored upsteam on the River Dart beside what is now known as Pilgrim Hill. It took around a week for the port's skilled craftsmen to rectify the damage before they headed out into open waters again.

While much has changed on the waterfront, Bayards Cover, Lower Street, Smith Street and Agincourt House are still recognisable.


Take the train from London Paddington to Totnes, taking around an hour. From Totnes Railway Station catch the no. 92 bus to Dartmouth, approximately a 40 minute journey. Plan your bus route here. Alternatively catch a ferry to take you along the River Dent to Darmouth Harbour.

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