A greener way to travel

Travelling by train is one of the greenest ways to travel and it's getting greener all the time. The rail industry is a ready-made solution for a low-carbon future where our roads are quieter and safer, and the air we breathe is cleaner.

With greener transport (rail combined with buses, walking, cycling and shared mobility) recognised as a fundamental part of the solution to the climate emergency, we're working with our parent organisation, Community Rail Network and our rail industry partners, to drive change at a community level through the efforts of 76 community rail partnerships and 1,000 station friends groups across Britain – working to help people get out of their cars and onto trains and other sustainable modes.

Rail Delivery Group's We Mean Green campaign

Taking the train already helps tackle climate change – it cuts carbon emissions by two-thirds compared to travelling by car – and can do more in future. That's why we want to encourage everyone to give the train a try on their next day out, short break or holiday.

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Community Rail Network promotes sustainable, healthy and inclusive travel by train.