Top 5 reasons why you should take a family trip by train

17 October 2022

Journeys by train are great when you bring the family along. Whether it's a grand day out with the grandkids, a dad and daughter day or spending time with your nephew, taking the train can be a wonderful way to connect with each other and get back to doing the things you love with the people you love.

We've come up with more reasons below why you should take days out by rail with the family. For more inspiration be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Mother and daughter on the train day out

Spend quality time together

Forget the shouts of 'are we there yet?' from the back seat of the car, when you take the train there's plenty to see and do that even a longer journey will soon pass. Whether you decide to play travel games, enjoy a packed lunch, play I-spy from the window or just spend the time catching up, taking the train means your adventure starts the moment you sit down. Download our special Days Out by Rail family activity pack here.

Encourage a greener way of life

Going by train is one of the greenest ways to travel with the family – especially when combined with walking, cycling and buses – avoiding traffic jams, parking and pollution, while enabling exploration of lesser-known spots as part of a day out, short break or staycation. Taking the family on days out by rail may inspire loved ones' future travel habits and help them to lead a life that is kinder to the environment.

Family waving at train, before going on days out by rail

Create new memories

The train can deliver you straight into the heart of new and exciting adventures. Whether you're travelling into the city for a day packed full of culture, museums and architecture, heading off the beaten track to uncover hidden gems as part of Britain's rich history or letting the kids burn off some energy as you explore a refreshing walk in the beautiful countryside, the train can take you straight to the action.

Explore new places & learn about community rail lines and stations

Did you know there are over 75 railway lines and over 1200 railway stations in Britain supported by community rail partnerships and volunteer groups? These partnerships and groups work with local communities to develop and improve their railway for us to enjoy. Take a trip by train and keep an eye out for signs of the wonderful work of community rail including artwork at stations, rail safety initiatives, social inclusion and diversity projects. Find out more here.

Family taking the train for days out by rail

Save money when you travel together

Thanks to the Family & Friends Railcard when you travel together you can save up to 1/3 on rail travel for adults and 60% off for kids covering up to 4 adults travelling with up to 4 kids. Try to book your train tickets in advance where possible, especially for longer journeys and take advantage of seasonal ticket sales. That way you're more likely to save money to spend on souvenirs and ice creams when you get there!

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