Lickey Incline, Barnt Green to Droitwich
Photo: Steve Widdowson
Droitwich Spa
Photo: Steve Widdowson
Droitwich Spa
Photo: Steve Widdowson
Saltway Line
Barnt Green - Droitwich Spa
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The line from Barnt Green to Droitwich runs south from the boundary with the West Midlands to the heart of the County of Worcestershire, racing down the Lickey Incline before reaching one of the county’s major towns and tourist destinations before heading onto the City of Worcester.

Barnt Green

Rediscover nature as you explore Lickey Hills Country Park, around a 30 minute walk from the railway station.

Lickey Hills has a complex and interesting geology which has created a variety of habitats. These include woodlands, heathland and grassland, which are home to an incredible diversity of wildlife. Drop into the visitor centre for information, maps and gifts. The onsite café provides light refreshments.

Lickey Incline

Standing on the main line platforms at Barnt Green it is easy to see the fall of the Lickey Incline which drops to Bromsgrove at a ruling gradient of 1 in 37. Trains coming up the Incline still have to be ‘banked’ occasionally by a locomotive at the rear. Watch out for the release siding at Blackwell (just where the gradient begins) which allows a banking engine to ‘drop off’ the train it is assisting and return to the foot of the Incline in readiness for its next duty.


At the foot of the Incline is the station for Bromsgrove, recently rebuilt by the West Midlands Rail Executive to handle the extension to the electrified CrossCity South line from Birmingham New Street. It boasts four platforms which allow non-electric trains to bypass the terminating electric ones. One of Bromsgrove’s claim to fame is that the forerunner to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers was founded at Bromsgrove at the instigation of the engineer James McConnell.

Around a 15 minute bus ride, or 30 minute walk, from the railway station, you’ll reach Avoncroft Museum. This fascinating open-air museum is home to over 30 historic buildings and structures which have been rescued and re-built. Visitors can enjoy the peaceful countryside as well as explore the historic buildings, enjoy the Edwardian Tea Room and discover the past.

Heading south from Bromsgrove, the route to Droitwich Spa leaves the main line heading to Bristol at Stoke Works Junction, heading to the right onto a single line. At Droitwich Spa Junction, the line joins the double track route from Hagley. Look out for the Great Western Signal Box to the right as the two routes join, and for the magnificent array of lower quadrant semaphore signals which control the trains running from here to the two Worcester stations.

Droitwich Spa

Spend time visiting Droitwich Heritage Centre and discover the links with area and salt making through the centuries. Then wander through the unique radio room where you can learn how the Wychbold radio masts affected broadcasting history and put Droitwich on the radio.

Each May there is a canal festival in the park which surrounds the canal.

From Droitwich Spa, the route to Worcester takes a more direct route than the canal which means it has to tunnel under Rainbow Hill for 212yds to reach the Junction for the two stations in Worcester.

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